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Wiztools Backlink checker tool is one of the best, Fastest and reliable tool available on the internet. It provides complete backlink audit report of any website within a matter of time. No matter how many backlinks a website has or has created, This awesome tool will crawl all the web and look for sites that are linking back to the original site without any problems.
The best part of our free backlink checker tool is that its free of cost and 100% reliable. You don't have to register or signup in order to check for backlinks. Just enter the website URL of the site and the tool will work its magic and will show you all the backlinks of the site with a proper chart organized form. Other than showing only the number of backlinks a website has it will show the URL of the sites from where the main site has received backlinks.

If someone is trying to hurt your website search rankings by linking some spammy or adult sites to your sites. Google could even penalize your site because of this and even deindex it permanently. You don't have to worry about these things since our backlink checker tool will show you all the backlinks your sites have and you can easily add that site in google disavow and protect your site from spammy links.
You can also use this tool to check your competitor's backlinks which you can use to analyze and come up with proper competition strategies. With our free backlink checker tool, you can easily track your competitors and stay ahead of your competitions.

Some marketers use backlinks checker tool to earn money. They make gigs on a different platform and sell it as a service to their clients to generate money. Fiverr is the main platform which people use. They make a gig like "Will send complete backlink report" and sell it to their clients and generate money.

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