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Wiztools Backlink maker is a revolutionary tool that generates backlinks to your website. The tool submits your site to high PR websites through which you get high-quality authority backlinks. unlike other backlink tools, This tool always creates good backlinks from authority sites i.e no spammy backlinks. Besides generating backlinks to your website this tool also helps you in getting your website properly indexed in search engines.

The usage of this tool is very simple. You just have to enter the link of your website in the box given above and click on submit button. Our Backlink maker tool will automatically submit your website to different high PR sites. Normally backlink creation process takes a lot of time But with our free SEO backlink maker tool, you can do the difficult task within minutes and seconds.
For those who don't know backlinks are a kind of hyperlinks that link your sites. They are always been in talks whenever there is a discussion for SEO. It has been proved that backlinks play an important role in increasing your search engine positions of the site on many search engines mainly Google. Backlinks are the top priority for any newbie websites.

The more high quality backlinks a website has the better position it would get in search engines. All the search engines like Google, Yahoo etc rank websites based on the number and quality of backlink a website has, The number of social shares, The length of the article, Site structure, Site performance(speed) and many more. So every webmaster gives importance to backlinks. Without backlinks, a person cannot beat his competitors.

Google penalizes sites which have spammy and irrelevant backlinks. These spammy backlinks never help you in ranking but will surely make you lose your social positions, or even worse getting your site entirely deindexed from search engine results. Wiztools has created a free backlink maker tool that generates high quality and spammy backlinks to your website. By creating backlinks your site will get traffic from Google as there will be the drastic change in your website ranking

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