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About Broken Links Finder

Broken Links Checker is an online tool that allows you to check broken links of a website easily. Sometimes when you visit a web page and you get an error like 404 not found, This is known as a broken link. Here are some of the main reasons why the link might be broken.

The website has been moved to another place
The website has been deleted
The website link has been edited wrongly
The website has been blocked by your antivirus or firewall

Broken links make users visit very unpleasant and they damage the reputation of the website. If the website has many broken links then it gives a wrong impression on the user that the website is not updated properly and this it will be waste of their time.

With our broken link finder tool, You can save the trouble of manually checking broken links of a website. The tool checks for the broken links in a web page automatically with super fast speed. The tool use user-friendly and super easy to use. You can use the tool any time you want for a countless number of times.

What is a Broken Link?

A broken link refers to a link which is not working. There are various reasons why a link might be broken. If you are a website owner and have broken the link in your website then it is not good for your online business. If you are a website owner then you might not want to make your website visitors confused. You should make sure that your website is working fine so people can trust your website.

This broken link checker is a great online tool which helps you check all the broken links to a website. Some of the broken links can be frustrating and it might be hard to find those links. Thus this tool checks all the broken links and gives you a detailed report of it.

Why should you use our Broken link checker tool?

Our tool is free of cost. This user-friendly tool allows any website owners or SEO specialist to check for broken links and fix them quickly. The tool identifies all the links in a web page and gives a detailed report of it to the users.
The broken link checker tool is made easier for new website owners to use.

How to use this Website Broken Link Checker Tool?

Over a period of time, every SEO specialist has more than 1 website. If the number of websites increases then it is a hectic work for the owners to find if there is any broken link in websites manually.

To check if there is any broken link in a website, open our broken link finder tool and enter the URL of the web page in the text field provided. Once you enter the URL of the website then click on "Check" button. The system will process your request and will check for broken links

The tool will give you a detailed result of all the broken links found on the website. There is no limit to a number of searches you can do with this tool.

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