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Why does a website's domain age matter in SEO?

More  backlinks:
    One of the reasons why aged domains/old domains are ranking so well in search engines is that they have quality backlinks which they got over a period of time. Search engines like google analyze these backlinks and the authority of the website before ranking them in the search engine. Some old website has SEO is done on them which is quite helpful if a new person buys it as it comes with well-stacked backlinks linking to it.

    Domains that were already registered before having some sort of traffic driving to them which is quite good for the new website owner. If you are lucky you might find an expired domain which is already ranked in Google for certain keywords and thus helping you drive traffic to your site.

Search Engine Rankings:
    Ranking a website from scratch is a pain for website owners and SEO professionals. The new domain needs lots of work to be done on it in order for it to rank in Google. Thus having an aged domain will boost the search engine ranking as Google will identify it as a website with more value. Getting a well-aged domain with good ranking means more exposure and profit. It also saves lots of SEO work.

Some Drawbacks Of Aged Domains:

Above we have discussed some of the benefits of buying an aged domain. But before buying an aged domain there are also some drawbacks and flaws of the aged domain. Some of them are.

Black Hat SEO:
Some website owners might have used some black hat strategies in order to boost their ranking in Google. These Black Hat SEO would hear the domain in long run. If the tactics are not fixed then the site might get penalized by search engines.

Bad Reputation of the domain name:
In case the previous owner of the website has done some pretty nasty things with the domain then there might be a bad name for the website on the internet and thus it will affect the website rankings and traffic.

Checking the domain name with our Domain Age Checker:

Usage of our domain age checker is pretty simple and easy to use. All you have to do is enter the URL of the website and it will show you details about the domain.

  • Details include:
  • Domain name
  • Domain age
  • Domain Creation date
  • Domain last update date
  • Domain expiry date

This information helps a person to choose between the right and wrong domain. This information helps you take the correct decision before purchasing the domain. One should not just depend on this tool to take the decision. The person should investigate more about the domain before purchasing it. You can use our backlinks checker tool and other tools to investigate the domain before purchasing it.

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