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We use a domain name to access the websites. We bookmark them in our browser. But why should one know the IP address of the website he is trying to access? First of all, what is an IP address? Why is it so important? We will learn all about this in this post.

What is IP address?

There is an online database that contains the record of all the website on the internet. Each website is assigned an IP address that differentiates it from other websites. Each domain is assigned a unique IP address. An IP address is like an address of the domain. It is like an identity of the domain. Whenever you connect to the internet you are defined by your IP address. Whether you are using mobile, PC or tablet each will be assigned a unique IP address which will let the web browsers identify you. Without a unique IP address, the operating system and the internet would be impossible. It's like living in an area where there are houses but no house number or name and no street names or number. It would be practically impossible to differentiate between houses.

An IP address consists of four numbers. Each number group has a dot "." after it thus separates it from the other numbers. Each number has a range from 0 to 255. A Sample IP address would look like this 39.129.33. These set of numbers are the one that identifies the domain.

How to find Domain to IP address?

There are many methods which one can use in order to get the IP address of a website. One of the methods is the "Ping" tool in windows. You can open the command prompt and then enter "Ping website name" and it will show you the website IP address. For example "ping" will give you an output of "". But the tool will not show you the country and the ISP of the domain name. This is where our tool comes to light.

Our Domain to IP converter tool helps you find the details of the domain. All you have to do is enter the domain name in the text field provided above and click on the submit button. The system will process the request and will show you the details of the domain name like IP address associated with the domain, Location of the server, ISP of the IP address and the country.

The tool not only shows you the IP address but also gives information about which country the IP address is located and the web hosting they are hosted on.

This information can come quite handy if you want to use it for your projects. Some people might want to know the country of the host or some might need to know the IP address. This all-rounder tool will help you find those details quickly and in a matter of time. No extra knowledge required for using this tool. The tool is well managed and easy to use. This user-friendly tool is free of cost.

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