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A website can get blacklisted if the website owner decides to mass spam its server by sending hundreds and thousands of email at a single time. This type of marketing is considered as spam and your mails will get in the spam folder and your website might even get blacklisted. If you see that your regular traffic is dropping day by day then it means that your website is on the blacklist and the spamming or another thing could be one of the reasons for it. Also if you are going to buy an old domain then you should make sure to check that the domain is not blacklisted.

There are many online organizations that are running the blacklist services on the internet. Email service provider checks whether your website is being blacklisted by these services or not and then allow you to send an email. Some services have sam filters which email provider uses in order to block out spam contents. The directory contains all the list of websites that are blacklisted and thus provides clean email service. Both these methods are used by the email service providers to keep their email service clean and fight off spam.

Search Engines Blacklist:

Another type of blacklist is that your website doesn't show up in the search engine. It can be because your website was hacked or maybe because you used some kind of spamming to get your website listed in the search engine. If your website is being suspected for promoting viruses or hacking its users then the website will be blacklisted quickly. If your website links to another untrusted website then it has more chances of getting blacklisted. Once a search engine blacklists the website then there are zero chances that your website will show up in the search engine.

Blacklisted Sites:

There are thousands of databases available on the internet about the blacklisted websites. Most of them are by the ISP and email service providers. They use this database to protect their users from malware and viruses. There are thousands of database available on the internet and thus it makes it impossible for the website owners to check whether their website is being blacklisted or not by manually checking them. Thus our online tool helps you find if your website is on blacklist or not.

Using Blacklist Lookup Tools:

One of the way a website owner can check if his site is blacklisted or not by using online tool. We provide a similar tool which helps website owners and webmaster to check whether their website is on the blacklist. The process is very simple. Just visit the Blacklist Checker tool we provide on WizTools and then enter the domain you want to search for and click on the Check button. The system will process your request and will give you results within few seconds.

Smart Phones Blacklists

Some smartphones are stolen. Some are lost. Such incidents happen anytime and the reports are submitted to cyber cell department. They have to submit their IMEI number of mobile phone while complaining about theft or lost of phone. These IMEI number are then added to blacklists. So if you are trying to buy a second hand phone then make sure its not blacklisted.

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