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About Keyword Position Checker

Every SEO specialist wants his/her website to be in top 3 positions in the search engine query. It takes some time and effort to reach that level. If your rankings are moving upwards then it means that you are achieving good results for your keywords. But it takes time to manually check for your keyword positions and if you have multiple keywords then it will surely eat up all of your time. This is where our keyword position checker comes in place. It helps you track multiple keywords easily without wasting much time.

How to use our keyword position checker tool?

Our free keyword rank checker/keyword position checker tool checks for your keyword in the search engine and gives you the position of the keyword for your website in the search engine. Our keyword position checker is free of cost and reliable to use. To use this keyword rank checker, You just have to enter your keywords one per line and up to 10 keywords at a time. In the second box enter your website URL for which you want to track rankings for and then hit the "Check Position" button. The keyword position checker tool will do its thing and will show you the results within few seconds.

How does the keyword position tool work?

The keyword rank checker tool will look for your keyword and scan through the search engine to check your rankings for the keyword. As the keyword position tool is working you can check the real-time results immediately. If your website is found on the first page of the search engine it will quickly stop there and show you the results. If your keyword is not in first top 3 positions but it is on the first page then also it's a good news. To overcome this you have to optimize your website for that keyword and post some quality article or your website may be penalized.

Some tips to get good ranking for your keyword in search engines:

  • Choose your keywords carefully. If you want to rank for long tail keywords make sure to focus on low competition keywords at first.
  • Use fewer keywords. Yes, you read it right. Websites who optimize for a small number of keywords have better chances of ranking than those which target a large number of keywords.
  • Quality of your article matters. Search engine checks for bounce rate and if your site has a high percent of bounce rate then it will have less chance of getting in top position in Google

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