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About QR Code Generator

QR code generator allows you to generate and download QR codes to your device. A QR code stands for quick response which is a mobile readable barcode that can store different things like plain website URL's or plain text or mobile numbers, Email addresses and pretty much everything or any other alphanumeric data.

Our QR code generator allows you to create a static QR code which you can download and use it or future uses. It can store up to 4296 characters and are internationally standardized under ISO 18004. QR codes are popular nowadays. They are widely used on mobile devices, websites, Mobile applications, Virtual stores, Website authorization, and many other things

Our QR code generator tool allows you to choose between different QR code sizes. You just have to enter the text you want to encode then choose your image size that you need and select the error correction level and finally hit the generate button. A QR code will be generated below it which you can save on your device. The tool allows you to save them in different formats like PNG, JPEG, and SVG

Our QR code generator is super fast and easy to use. Its a free online tool which you can use to generate QR codes on the go

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