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About Get Source Code of Webpage

Every website has a backend and front end. The backend is where all the ugly part and program lies while the front end is where we see the beautiful website. Search engines like Google don't see whats on the front end of the website. As it is a program, It checks and reads the code to figure out what actually there on the website. Although anyone can easily view the source code of any website from his browser. But there are some websites that block the use of right click on their website.

Because of blocking the right click, Most users cant check the source code of the website and thus they are left clueless. This is why we have developed a tool that allows you to view the source code of any website within seconds. The tool is free to use and free from all complications.

Why Does One Need To Get Source Code of a WebPage?

You might be thinking that why would one need to check the source code of a website? What will it benefit them? well there are many things that are of importance for a webmaster

Title Tags:
    With the help of source code viewer, a person can see all the tags on the webpage. There are many tags that are important for On-Page SEO. One of it is Title tag. Google displays the title of the website in their search results.

Meta Description:
    A meta description is a 160 character snippet text that is displayed on your website title in search engines. There are website owners who don't add any meta description to their site and thus their website doesn't rank well in search engine. With our source code viewer, you can check the meta description of any website.

Check for No-Follow and Do-Follow Links:
    If you want to check how many do follow and no follow backlinks then you can use our tool to get the source code of the webpage and then find the text "nofollow" and you will get all the links with the nofollow tag. Similarly, if you want to check for dofollow links then search for "do follow" and it will give you results for dofollow links.

Why Must you use our Source Code checker tool?

The Source Code Checker developed by WizTools doesn't require any hard work. It doesnt requires you to install any third party software on your device. The tool is free to use and it all available online. If you want to generate source code of a website then the tool lets you do it within few seconds. This tool has helped over thousands of users in generating source code of HTML pages.

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