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About Google Cache Checker

Google regularly caches websites so that if the website is not available at the moment then the user can view the static website for the time being. Google page cache checker is one of the tools designed by WizTools to check if your webpage has been cached by Google or not. The tool is pretty easy to use. It checks the Google index and finds out if Google has cached your website yet.

This online tool is very helpful for website owners and webmaster as it doesn't require any downloading and is free to use. Anyone can use the tool as long as he is connected to the internet. 

How to use our Google Cache Checker?

This Google Cache Checker tool is free to use. The usage of the tool is very simple. All you have to do is visit our Google Cache Checker tool and enter the URL which you want to check. Click on the submit button once you enter the URL of the website. The tool will then process your request in the background. It will quickly crawl Google search engine and will check if your website has been cached by Google or not and will give you the result in a matter of time.

Why Do you need to check your website for Google Cache?

You need to make sure that your website is cached by Google. Everyone who uses the internet has different ISP. Some people have slow internet while some have fast. If a website visitor is using the slow internet then Google will directly show him the Cached version of the webpage as it will reduce the bandwidth of the use and the website will also load quickly. Cache is used to reduce the bandwidth for both the website owner and for the user. It stores static things like Images, Content, Scripts etc so the next time a user visits the page will load quickly.

If you are a website owner then this Google Cache Checker tool will be of great importance to you. It will help you check whether Google is caching your website properly or not.

Google Cache Checker tool is a very important tool for website owners when they are changing their hosting servers. Changing a hosting server takes time and for the time being the website might get offline. In order to tackle that this downtime, Google cache plays an important role in showing the static web page to the users.

Google stores the cache on their server and lets the user access it from their site. This saves the bandwidth of both the parties and allows you to generate more income. Your site will get more importance in search engine rankings. If you create fresh contents on your website then Google will regularly crawl your website to index and cache it, later on, to provide its users top notch and updated content

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