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What is Instagram Stories?

Instagram has introduced a function similar to Snapchat called Instagram stories. Here a user can upload a video or image and after 24 hrs the stories will disappear automatically. It is meant as a storytelling feature where users can share what they are doing at the current hour or what they are working on etc. They can share their work, Enjoyments, and almost anything with their followers for the next 24 hours.

Instagram allows you to add different things to your stories like stickers, gifs, time, location, votes etc. So how do the Instagram stories work? It's pretty simple. You have to tap on the camera icon on the top left corner and it will show you your camera. Switch to the front or back view and record or capture the video or image.

You can additionally add different stickers to your video/Image and then upload them to your stories.

You can also select any picture from your gallery and then upload it to your Instagram story and it will be available to your followers for the next 24 hours.

You can also hide your story from certain people by going to the story settings menu and adding their name to the hide story list settings

How to view Instagram Story Anonymously?

If you want to view someone's story without letting them know that you have seen their story then you can use our tool to view their story. The tool checks their stories and allows you to view them anonymously. You can also download them if you like. They won't see who view their story when you view it from our tool. The tool hides the viewed story option and shows you the story anonymously.

How to Download Instagram Story?

The process to download an Instagram story is quite simple. Everyone with good internet can do it. Our Instagram story downloader tool allows you to download Instagram stories on to your device for free of cost. The tool works on all platforms including Android, IOS, laptop, desktop, etc. To download an Instagram story then you have to follow the steps below

Visit our Instagram story downloader page. Once on the page, you will find an input box where you have to enter the username of the account whose story you want to download. Once you enter the username then simply click on the submit button. The tool will work in the background and will show you all the available stories of that account. You can view them online if you like or you can also download them to your device for free. The tool doesn't require you to signup or anything. Its registration free and you can download stories without any account.

However, there are certain points before downloading the story. If the account privacy settings are set to private then you cannot download the Instagram story with our tool. The account must be public in order for the tool to download Instagram stories.




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