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About Keyword Density Checker

A keyword density checker tool is an online script to check how many times the keyword is used in the webpage. It shows the total number of word count and how many times a word is used. search engines like Google love website which has more keyword density.
In order to check the keyword density of the webpage, You can easily do that by just entering the website URL and press enter. Our keyword planner will check for the keyword data from the website and will output than in the form of tables.
If the keywords are exceeded then it can be destructive for the website and will possibly result in lower rankings on search engines. Now you might ask how can I check how many times my keyword is used without doing any hard work? Well, it is simple, All you have to do is use our free online keyword density checker tool. It will create a tabular report of your keywords and their appearance which you can use for future use.

What does our Keyword density checker tool does:

For the keyword density checker to work, you have to enter your website URL on which you want to check the keywords density. Once you enter the URL in the box provided above just hit the "Submit" button. After processing the request the keyword density checker will show you the following details

  • The specific keywords
  • Number of times the keyword is used in the webpage
  • The density of the keyword in the webpage
  • The prominence of the keyword

What text the keyword density checker does?

Keyword density checker by Wiztools counts all the texts found on the on-page body of the webpage. It will also count the heading tags. You can utilize this online tool to check the most used keyword in your webpage body, tags etc.
After checking your keywords density from our online tool you can work on your content again in order to make the website search engine friendly by probably changing the frequency of the keyword appearance. If you stuff multiple keywords on your website then there is a chance that your website will be panelized by the search engine like Google.

How to use online keyword density checker tool:

  • If you need to check the density of the keyword in a website URL then paste the website link in the box provided above.
  • Choose the number of words in a process that you want to check the density of.
  • Click on the submit button, The tool will now work its magic

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