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About Link Analyzer

How to use our Link Analyzer Tool?

Usage of link analyzer tool is pretty simple. All you have to do is enter the URL of the webpage that you want to analyze then click the submit button. The link analyzer tool will start to analyze the webpage and will generate the results instantly. It will show you all the internal and external links as well as the anchor text associated with the link. It doesn't matter if the link is also on images, It will output that as well.

How does this Link Analyzer Tool work?

This free link analyzer tool was developed to help the webmasters, SEO professionals, and website owners to analyze their websites. This tool is very useful to identify all the types of link in a webpage at the same time. All you have to do is enter the URL of the webpage or the website and then hit on analyze links button. The software will process your request and will give you the output within few seconds.

Our link Analyzer Tool will give you the following output

  • The number of internal/inbound links found on your webpage
  • Total number of links found on the webpage
  • The number of outbound/external links found on your webpage
  • The number of do follow and no follow links found on your webpage

This link analyzer tool is that lets you keep track of links that are embedded on the webpage or a website. This tool helps you analyze internal as well as external links that are going out from that webpage.
With the help of this link analyzer tool, you can easily identify the unwanted links or dead links and remove them in order to improve the quality of your webpage. This is very beneficial to website owners and it can boost up your site greatly and help in search engine optimization.

Why is the Link analyzer tool important?

this super effective link analyzer tool developed by Wiztools is one of the important tools for many website owners or webmasters because it provides a detailed guide to internal and external links in a webpage. From this results, a competitor can easily compare your internal links and then make his strategies in order to outrank you

The number of internal and external links on a website has an impact on the website's ranking. If your website has a huge number of external links without providing any value to current users then your website might get banned from the search engine or get penalized. Thus this free link analyzer or link checker tool will help you identify those bad links and remove them.

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