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What is MozRank?

MozRank is one of the popular metrics that measure the authority of the webpage or domain. Nowadays most of the website owners and SEO experts depend on MozRank to check the details of the webpage so they can optimize it for the search engine. MozRank tool is created by the company Moz, A company which provides tools for search engine optimization.

Why should you use or MozRank Checker tool to check for rankings?

SEO experts have an idea about how websites rank in Google. They have multiple websites to check the MozRank for. Our MozRank checker tool provides the service of checking MozRank of any website or webpage with the click of a button. It uses a unique algorithm to analyze the links you entered in the box above. 

Search engine ranks a website after analyzing the website on many different metrics. The algorithm they use is still not yet known to the public. But we at Wiztools provide users a unique tool to check the MozRank of their website and keep a track of it to improve their future rankings.

How to use our MozRank Checker Tool to check MozRank?

Our online MozRank Checker Tool is simple to use. All you have to do is enter the URL of the webpage whose rank you want to check and click on "Check rank" button. The system will process the request and will generate the results and will show it to you.

MozRank score depends on the number of quality links that you have linking towards your website. MozRank rankings are between 0 to 10. The higher the MozRank score your website has, The better ranking you will have in the search engine.

This online MozRank checker tool will give you a rough idea about the authority and significance of the website you entered. It will check for the backlinks your website has and the quality of those links. The more good authority backlinks your website has, The better MozRank your website will have. Website rank and webpage rank are two different things.

How can you improve your MozRank?

Everyone wants to improve their search engine rankings. and MozRank helps you achieve it. If you want to improve your MozRank score then you must make sure to get high-quality authority backlinks to your website. The websites from where you are getting links must be having similar content to your site. Always make sure to stay away from link farm techniques as they dont bring any benefits to your site and only causes harm. Google is very smart in detecting these type of links and if you are found in using one of it then your website might get penalized 

It is good to write some quality comments on similar website contents and get a link back from them. It is very important that the blog or website where you are going to comment must be related to your website or else it will only harm your site rather than helping it rank.

After taking certain initiatives you can check your rank progress again with our free MozRank Checker tool

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