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About Page Authority Checker

What is Page Authority?

Authority of a website or web page is one of the critical concern to most of the website owners. Most important SEO practices like building quality links, Writing quality content, Internal linking are done for the sole purpose of increasing the authority of the webpage. However only authority cannot alone ensure the visibility of a website. There are certain different factors as well for SEO performance.

About Page Authority

There are two different concepts of authority, One is page authority and another is domain authority. Page authority is one of the key factors that decide how your website will rank in search engine. The higher the domain and page authority, More the chances of getting ranked in search engine. Page authority was introduced first by MOZ. You may also be thinking that what is a good page authority? what will a good page authority help me achieve? well higher the page authority your website has, More is the capacity of the particular page to rank in search results. Especially Google takes most of these things into consideration. This is why checking your Page authority and improving your PA is the best work an SEO expert can do to increase his search engine positioning. Our Moz Page authority checker will let you know how your website stands in the competitive world.

Now since you know what a page authority is, The question still arises that how can I check my page authority? The process is simple, For checking page authority of a webpage all you need to do is enter the web page URL in the field provided above. The tool will work its magic and will give you the results within seconds. If you own a website or are currently working as an SEO specialist for a website then this tool is necessary and essential for you.

Page Authority Vs. Domain Authority

Every website has two authority factors, One is the whole domain authority and another one is individual page authority. There is a huge difference between Page Authority and Domain Authority. Page authority means the authority of an individual page of a website while domain authority means the authority of a website as a whole. If the website has DA and PA with high score then the website has more chance of getting higher ranking in search results.

How to Improve Page authority?

There are many different ways a Website owner can use to increase his domain authority. Here I will show you some of them.

  • First, make sure that the domain has high authority. If the domain has high authority then it will eventually boost the authority of the web page.
  • Make sure that the content you write on the web page is relevant to the topic. It should not be plagiarized and it should be a detailed guide.
  • Make sure that your web page is SEO friendly and SEO optimized.
  • Internal linking of web pages should be conducted properly.
  • Don't forget to get rid of bad and negative backlinks that are pointing towards your website

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