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About Page Speed Checker

Every webmaster has to make sure that his website doesn't take much time to load. If the website is taking long to load then it will affect the user experience. Everyone wants to save time, No one loves to visit a website that takes a long time to load. Time is very precious in today's world. Thus every website owners must make sure that his site loads quickly as website speed is also a matric of search engine optimization.

It is every website owners aim to make his webpage less in size so that it can load quickly. To do so many webmasters shrink or optimize their images, Minify javascript etc. Here at WizTools, we provide you a tool that allows you to check the website page speed within a matter of seconds. This tool is very helpful to website owners in optimizing their website and to attract more and more visitors to their site.

Why should you use our Website Speed Test Tool?

First of all our tool is free of cost. You don't have to pay anything in order to use the tool. You don't need to register or signup to our website for using our tool. This tool is developed by our developers to help every website owners check the page speed of their website. The tool will show you different metrics like how much time it took for a file to load or how much time it took for an image to load etc. Someone people have zero tolerance for a slow website and they quickly hit back button and visit another website. This type of thing is bad for a website owner as it increases the bounce rate of the website. 

If your website page has more bounce rate then our website page speed checker tool will let you know which file you should edit and what changes you should make on the webpage in order to make it load faster and reduce bounce rate.

There are many website owners who have faced problems like their potential clients are not staying on their website for a long time due to low performance and thus it results in huge loss of income to the website owners.

What is website speed?

Website speed refers to the time taken by the server to show the content to the visitor of the site. Another name for website speed is Website load time.

Website visitors don't want to waste their time on a website that has low performance. This is why website speed matters a lot in search engine optimization.

This tool provides you all the information that you need regarding the website page speed. This tool lets you know different metrics that you can use to optimize your website.

Always remember that fast website has higher chances of getting good ranking in search engine.

Why is it important to optimize your website for page speed?

Results have shown that website with faster loading speed tends to have a better ranking than the website with slow loading speed. Nowadays competition is so high that everyone wants to rank well in search engine. This is why website page speed matters a lot for website owners. If the website load speed is slow then the user might get frustrated and will visit another website. It results in a loss for the website owner. This is why it is very important for website owners to check and optimize their website for page speed test.

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