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Every website has a unique IP address associated with it.  Every device connected to the internet. The IP address is a numerical address that consists of four sets of numbers. Each number can range from 0 to 255 and they are separated by a ".". For example, is a valid IP address.

An IP address was designed and implemented in the early days of the Internet. If the addressing system was not designed then the internet which we use today would have been ceased to exists.

Any device that is connected to the internet whether it be your smartphone, Tablet or Laptop, It is assigned a unique IP address by the ISP. This IP address defines the device on the internet. There are two different types of IP address. One is user's IP address and another one is website IP address. A website has Static IP address while the users have the option to choose between static and dynamic. If the website owner chooses to have a static IP address then the website will have the same fixed IP address through the lifetime of the website.

The second type of IP address is the dynamic one. ISP has a pool of dynamic IP address and static addresses. If a customer chooses a static IP address then the ISP provides him the Static Ip address from that pool. Similarly, if the user chooses a Dynamic IP address then the ISP keeps changing the IP address of the user, again and again, each time he reconnects. A dynamic IP address is cheap compared to static IP address. 

Whenever a user requests for a website the request is passed through the servers to the hosting provider of the website. Then the hosting provider will check if the IP address is available or not and if not available then another IP address is assigned to the website.

Just like that whenever you send a request to open your email, Your computer sends the request to another computer. The server will confirm the request and will set up the connection and then you can check your emails.

Reverse IP Address

Each website has a unique IP address. Some website has dynamic while some have a static website. If the website has dynamic IP address then we won't know that which IP is for which site thus this tool helps you check the IP address. This tool checks the IP address associated with the website. 

It's very easy to use our reverse IP address tool. You first have to visit our Reverse IP address tool. Once the page loads it will show you an input box. This is where you have to enter the IP address you want to analyze. After you copy and paste the IP address into the box available above then click on the submit button. The system will process your request and will give you the result. If the IP address is associated with any website then it will show you the websites associated with the IP address. If the IP address is not associated with any website then it will result in " No website found".

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