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About Server Status Checker

If you own multiple websites or manage them then you must have to periodically check the server status of your sites. Or sometimes if you are a user and facing some problems in accessing the website then, in this case, you can always check the status of the websites that you are not able to connect to.

In case if you are a webmaster, And you came to know that your website is not accessible then you will have to contact the hosting provider and find out what is wrong with the servers. In case if you are an internet user and facing problems in accessing a certain website then there is nothing much you can do other than checking the website status is UP or Down. And when the site is working again you can visit it.

Most of the hosting providers try to keep their server 24/7 uptime, But sometimes they may also face issues. If the power goes down and if they don't have any backup power provider like generators then the websites hosted on their servers will be down. If one of the servers goes down then all the websites hosted on that server will be down. There are so many technical problems hosting providers have to face every day.

Now, these are some of the problems that can occur on the service provider side but there are some problems which can also occur on the user's end as well. Like if your ISP is facing certain issues or you might not be connected to the internet or your ISP might be blocking the website etc.

Check Server Status:

As a website owner or SEO specialist, You should regularly check if your website is working properly or not. The last thing you want is a website visitor telling everyone that your website is not working. To check server status you should use our tool. Go to server status checker then enter the website URL where you are facing issues then click on " Check Server Status" button. The system will process your request and will give you the result in a matter of time. This simple yet efficient tool allows you to check any website status for free.

Some of the server response codes are given below

200 OK - The server is good and working and has returned the content that you requested for
301 Moved Permanently - It means that the website you are trying to reach has been moved permanently to a different address. You will be redirected there.
302 Found - It means that the server has a temporary redirection enabled. You should check the website again after some time
400 Bad Request - This simply means that the server didn't understand your request or what you were looking for.
401 Unauthorized access - It means that you are not an authorized person to access the files placed on this server. You need to get authorization first in order to get access
404 Not Found - It is a common and most known error. You might get his most of the time. It means that the file which you are requesting is no longer available or not found on this server.

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