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About URL Rewriting Tool

URL Rewriting tool helps you to turn you long and dynamic URL's into static ones. This free tool will help you in converting those annoying dynamic URLs into the static one. This method is usually used by website owners, Webmaster and SEO experts because everyone prefers static URLs rather than dynamic one as its easier to remember them and a user can bookmark them whenever needed. These static URLs also help in the website optimization and thus in better ranking.

Creating a new website and optimizing it for search engine ranking takes lots of time and effort. In optimizing even the tiniest details are counted such as the type of URLs the website uses. This is why it is very important for the website owners to optimize their website for better rankings.

If you are still using dynamic and long URLs on your website then I suggest you use our free URL rewriter tool and generate a static URL for your website.

Why should you use our URL Rewriting tool?

Our free online URL Rewriting tool is free of cost and is super-effective and easy to use. You just have to copy and paste the URL of the webpage and enter it in the box and click on "Submit" button. Our URL rewriter tool will instantly generate the output and will give you the required short and static URL.

We have developed this awesome url rewriter tool that will help you in rewriting your website URLs. Always remember that static URL is always better than dynamic URL because they rank better in a search engine rather than the dynamic. Search engines like Google prefer static URL in their search results. Dynamic Links get ranked at a slower rate as compared to the satatic URL.

Our URL Rewriter tool is very easy to use and provides you the results quickly. You don't have to install any thirdparty software or anything in order to use this service. This is an online tool which you can use it from any place and from any device. You don't have to worry about your device storage and everything is online and also you don't need to pay for any URL that you convert using this tool

Some of the reason why you should make sure your URL must be static and not dynamic

Static websites help in search engine optimization because search engines prefer URLs that dont have long queries i.e are dynamic.
If your webpage has a static URL then it has more chances of getting a higher position in the search engine rather than the dynamic ones.
It also makes your website speed faster. Users can access your website more quickly because of static URLs

Advantages of Static Websites?

They are not expensive in nature
They are easy to develop
They are cost effective and cheap to host

Disadvantages of Static Websites?

It only provides basic information about the webpage
web content can be different from the URL
It requires you to keep it updated every time you change it

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