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About Website Screenshot Generator

If you are a computer genius or a basic computer user then you would usually know how to take a screenshot. If you are a mobile user then you must be knowing that you can take screenshot easily by pressing the volume down button and the home button. Its simple and easy but what if a visitor of your website doesn't know how to take a screenshot? Let's say a visitor of your site is facing a problem. He might think that this is because of virus or maybe malware that is affecting him. He may also think that the website is hacked and is not good to visit it again. Or he may see that some of the website's functionality is not working properly. So then he tries to contact you. 

But what if the language he speaks is different from the one you speak? Now comes the communication problem so the best way to know the exact problem is by making the person take a screenshot of what problem he is facing. But if he doesn't know how to take a screenshot then this is where our tool comes into existence. Our tool lets you take a screenshot of a website and then show it to the user. 

Every computer and laptops follow the same protocol of taking a screenshot. You have to press the "prt sc" button to take a screenshot and then open paint and paste it there. Some laptops have to press the "Fn" and then the "prt sc" button. If you are using the same model of computer and the website visitor knows your language then it would be easy to understand the problem. You just have to explain to him how to take a screenshot and email it to you and you can work on the bug.

But the process of clicking on the "prt sc" button then opening the paint application in windows and pasting it there. Then save the image to your desktop computer or laptop and then emailing it to you could be hectic and a long process. Thus to eliminate this we have created a tool that allows you to take a screenshot and download it to your pc with just a click of a button. Then the user can just upload it and send it through email.

Where do you need a screenshot generator?

Some website owners need to know what their website looks like to Google. Some of them want to see the timeline of their website. It is also used to send a report that there is some issue with the website and the developer can check the screenshot and fix the issue. If you are upgrading your website then you might take the before and after screenshot of your website. There are countless situations where one needs to take a screenshot of a website.

How to use our Website Screenshot Generator Tool?

There are countless screenshot generator API available on the internet which you can use to get a screenshot of the website. Some of them are Screenshot API, Google screenshot API, Screenshot API javascript. But why go through the process of developing an entire application just for generating a screenshot while WizTool provides a tool for that.

The process of generating a website screenshot is very simple. All you have to do is look for the Website Screenshot Generator Tool on Click on that tool and a new page will open. You have to enter the website URL whose screenshot you want to take. There is an input text field provided there. Enter the website URL and click on "Submit" button. The tool will process your request in the background and will show you the screenshot of the website in few seconds

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