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About Word Counter

Online word counter is a free word counter tool available on our site. It is not just a word counter tool but also counts the character in an article. All you have to do is to paste your article in the input box above and then press the submit button. Within a matter of seconds, it will show you how many words and characters are there in the content you entered.
Word counter is an awesome tool for the bloggers and people who are constantly working in the online web content field. Google now prefers quality and lengthy articles, So after writing your article, you can check the total word count of your article with our word counter tool.
If you are working for someone else and they demand you to write at least 300 words article for their site then you can count the number of words from our online word counter tool to check if it meets their requirements or not.
Our word count is so awesome and special that it can count words and characters of an article written in any language. Whether the article is in German, Hindi, English, Urdu, Bengali, French, Spanish or any other language. This tool can count words and characters count in less than a second.
While most of the online tools track you and ask you to register on their platform to use their tools, Wiztools is a free online site that doesn't require you to signup. Our word counter works on cross platforms. It works on any device or browser

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