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About www Redirect Checker

Redirector checker is a URL redirect checker tool which allows the users to check whether the website he is trying to access is redirecting to another URL. This tool comes in handy and allows the user to check in-depth details of the redirection. The procedure to use this tool is pretty simple. You have to submit the link you want to check whether if it is redirecting or not and then click on Submit button. The tool will check your URL and will report back the details after completing the process. This tool is mostly used to check 301 redirects.

Different Types of HTTP Redirects

Now you know about redirection then let us learn more about different types of redirection 

301 Permanent Redirect: The server gives information that the address has been permanently moved to a new address and redirects the user to a new address.
    For example, - John doesn't live in this place anymore and he won't come back. He has moved to another address, Here it is. Just go now.

302 Temporary Redirect: Temporary redirect means that the website is working but is temporary, not available and you should come back later to access the site.
    For example - John lives here but he went to the market to buy things. You can visit him there or you can wait as he will eventually come back.

303 See other: In order to protect private data like credit card details or prevent bookmarking and refreshing if one-time data pages this redirect is used. 
    For example - I have received the data you just submitted through the POST option and now I am redirecting you to another page with your data in GET parameters just to prevent any data accidents and so you can be clear.

307 redirect: It is similar to 303 redirection technique but instead of changing the method of data sending it uses the same method. For example, if POST method was used then it will again use the post method

308 permanent redirect: It is similar to the 307 redirect but it is for permanent status.
    For example - You can repeat what you just said on the last page and you should not change the way you said it

How will our Redirect Checker help you?

Redirect checker will help you to identify the affiliate links which most website uses. It will show you the detailed structure of the redirection so you can complete your work. It works well with URL shortening services like Bit.ly or goog.ly. Redirect checker also helps the website owners to make sure that their redirects are in good and working condition and their redirection is directing to the proper site. One of the simplest use of this tool is to find out how many redirects are being used by the website

How to use our Redirect Checker tool?

The usage of our URL Redirect Checker tool is simple. It's user-friendly. All the person has to do is just enter the URL of the webpage in the text box provided above and click on the "Check" button. Results will be shown immediately on the same page.

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