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About XML Sitemap Generator

Now generating XML sitemap file for your website is simple and easy with the help of our online XML Sitemap Generator. This free online tool will help you in the process of generating an XML sitemap for your website. You can use it to take good advantage of online tools like google webmaster tools and Google Analytics.
With our XML sitemap generator, you don't need any programming experience because it's simple and easy to use. Simply enter your website URL and select some parameters from a variety of custom parameters and click on submit to submit your request. The tool will start and will take few moments. After analyzing the website it will present you the sitemap details of your website where you can see the number of pages, XML file contents and broke links and a link to download the sitemap file.
It's important that you download and put the sitemap in the root folder of your website. Also, make sure to add the sitemap URL in Google webmaster account to make your indexing faster.

How to use our free online XML Sitemap Generator?

Well, it's quite simple. The free XML sitemap generator from Wiztools is one of the best and most useful tools for a webmaster to use in optimizing the website. All the person has to do is enter the website URL in the box provided above, Then select parameters that you want to check from. These parameters are optional. If you want you can leave them empty. After all, done simply click on the button that says "Generate Sitemap". It will take time for the tool to finish after analyzing the website.
After this, you will be redirected to the generated sitemap page. It will show you details of your website like a number of web pages, broken links, XML file content, and also a link to download the sitemap. Download the sitemap with the link provided and upload it to the website's root folder.

Features of our Free XML Sitemap Generator:

  • It's free of cost.
  • It generated your XML Sitemap file online without any need to download any software
  • You can set the modification date
  • You can change the frequency
  • You can change the priority

Why must you have XML sitemaps?

XML sitemaps allow a webmaster or website owner and SEO professionals to easily notify different search engines about the changes in the pages of their website. If there is a change in the website, Sitemap will help in getting the page indexed quickly and properly. This is really helpful to newly launched fresh websites to get indexed quickly as they have lower search engine visibility.

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